Saba Rock Resort is an exceptional property located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Just under one acre in size, Saba Rock is the perfect blend of tranquility & island fun. The resort features a hotel, restaurant & bar, and full-service marina; all surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.
Saba Rock is among the cluster of serene yet striking islands that form the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands. The North Sound is a paradise, composed of a unique community, with vast anchorages for charterers as well as other activities. These well-protected waters consist of Richard Branson's exclusive two private islands Necker and Moskito, Prickly Pear Island; declared national park since 1988, and the private Island of Eustatia with the surrounding pristine waters of Eustatia Reef; a snorkeler's paradise.


The best winds are usually from mid December to March and May to July. Winds are typical- ly from the North East in winter (15 to 25 knots) and East and South East in summer (15 to 20 knots). The wind tends to come in cycles of 3 to 4 days of strong wind followed by an equal or longer period of light winds. Plan to do your riding in the mornings as this is when the wind is usually strongest and it can drop off in the afternoon. April, August, September, October and November usually have light winds unless there is a storm system in the area.
IF you do get snookered by the wind there are endless non-wind activities to keep you occupied until the wind comes up. The center of activity is on Tortola. The Baths are undeniably the most notable experience you can have in the British Virgin Islands located at the bottom of a hill on the southern end of Virgin Gorda. A trip to Anegada can prove to be a good place to catch a surf and if not there are hundreds of ship wrecks to dive and explore. Speaking of diving the most popular wreck dive in the Caribbean the Wreck of Rhone is right there near Salt Island. The William Thornton Floating Bar and Restaurant AKA WIlly T's is a good place to stop any time of day.


10m-12M kites are usually a safe bet. There are a lot of flat water spots for twin tip riding and if you make it out to Anegada you might score some surf.

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