Dakhla, Morocco



Dakhla, by many considered the wind paradise on earth with over 300 days of wind a year, is placed in the sahara desert at the extreme south of Morocco. Over the last years it has become one of the top 10 kitesurfing places in the world. Every year, it's here where the first stop of the PKRA takes place.

We highly recommend to stay at DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL! The hotel is placed at what is called the "point of the dragon" the closest possible to the best spots and 50m away from the dragon beach. The "otel is sheltered by amazing natural sand dunes and offers breathtaking views from all of it's bungalows over the lagoon  and "dragon island" where watching sunsets after endless sessions is just something you will never forget. DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL offers all kind of lodging possibilities... VIP's for those who want complete confort and Dakhla Attitude's special service, Dragon Camp BG's for those who just want to kite and have a nice place to rest and the Windhunter BG's which are the ECO bungalows placed strategically for those who want to enjoy nature at its most.
DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL offers many extra services like SPA, Surf Shop, Restaurant, Pink Flamingo Bar, Beach Bar and all kind of excursions. Extra sport activities are also available like wake boarding and surfing, parachute, giant trampoline, slack line, catamarans, blokarts, fishing trips and of course, amazing surf and wave kite surf excursions to the atlantic coast of Dakhla.
The sport center "RIHFLY DAKHLA" is the only IKO affiliated kite surf center in town and offers lessons and material rental with the latest models of CABRINHA.
DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL is the wind paradise on earth offering lodging, traditional food, live music, excursions and of course, wind in all kind of water conditions for the best kite surf holidays ever.



There are no many places in the world that offer constant wind between 20 to 35 knots all year around. Statistics have proveed more then 300 days of wind per year over the last 4 years and under the best possible conditions. DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL's main spot, just 50m away from the door of your room offer a hug he lagoon with flat water to mid wavy conditions where beginners to advanced riders find the ideal conditions for the sport.

Kitesurfing in the main spot is supervised by DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL's sport center RIHFLY DAKHLA that offers security in the water, beach assistance, air compressor area to pump kites, water tanks to rinse material, fresh water showers, changing rooms and lockers, toilets and a wonderful beach bar where you can relax after a nice session.

Just 1km down south of the hotel the Speed Spot can be found on low tide. A crystal flat spot with of shore wind that has been considered one of the TOP5  flat water spots in the world. The hotel offers transport and security in the water for their clients. A session here is something you will never forget... riding with dolphins and pink flamingos with the dragon island as a background will make the best pictures possible.

DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL's sport center RIHFLY DAKHLA offers on high tide it's traditional downwind to the White Dune. This dune is a 30m high white dune that on high tide stands still in the water creating a shelter and allowing a big crystal flat surface to ride. The White dune is 13km away from the hotel. A monitor guides the group that is followed by a security boat, once in the dune some more riding and for the way back a 4x4 wheel transport through the dessert is waiting for you yo take you back to the hotel with a stop at the thermal source of Asnaa where you can take a hot shower in sulfate rich water.

One of the best surf spots are available all along the atlantic coast of Dakhla's peninsula. Oum Labouir is where the international wave kitesurfing competition take place but DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL's sport centerThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will show you some "secret" spots that you have not even imagined off.

DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL is the wind paradise on earth. Discover this magical place an PLAY with RIHFLY DAKHLA.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL's sport center. It offers the latest CABRINHA equipment for rent and lessons. The sport center is the only IKO affiliated center in town and works with the latest technology on it's teaching area... head zone helmets, soloshot video systems, GPS security tracking, etc.

All the monitors are certified and the center offers lessons in arabic, french, spanish, english, german, polish and italian. The center offers to all clients a complete STATION FEE pack to make the experience even better... security in the water (zodiacs and jet ski), air compressor area to pump kites,
beach assistance to launch / land kites, water tanks to rinse material, fresh water showers, changing rooms, lockers, toilets, a secure storage area for those traveling with it's own equipment and a beach bar to relax and enjoy good music while watching spectacular sunsets over the sahara dessert and the atlantic ocean.

The sport center This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. offers also a surf shop with the latest in gear and fashion and a complete repair workshop where any damage to boards and kites can be repaired.

The sport center, which is part of the hotel, offers lessons for beginners to advanced and for all ages. The TEAM feels real about the sport and their job and they have a 100% of people riding after finishing their course.

DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL is the wind paradise on earth. Discover this magical place an LEARN with RIHFLY DAKHLA.


Eating in Dakhla is a chance to taste the moroccan traditional cuisine. Fish is one of the main elements as well as camel meat and cherry tomatoes. Dakhla is one of the biggest producers of cherry tomatoes in the world.

DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL offers a menu for all his guests based on traditional food and seasonal products but it's restaurant also offers different traditional dishes like tajine that can be ordered any time.

In town there are a few restaurants that are worth visiting with one of DAKHLA ATTITUDE's regular excursions. This experience is not only about the taste anymore, it becomes a magical moment with the food, people, smells and lightning that will stay with you forever.

Another place to visit is any of the local oyster farms. DAKHLA ATTITUDE organizes regular trips where you can eat fresh oysters just taken out of the water, traditional seafood tajine, grilled fish, lobster and why not.... end your lunch with a traditional saharaoui tea and Moroccan cookies while sitting next to the shore enjoin nature with friends.

DAKHLA ATTITUDE HOTEL is the wind paradise on earth. Discover this magical place an TASTE it with us."

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