Desert Oasis

In the Western Sahara desert, you'll find no shortage of fun in the water in the little village oasis Dakhla, Morocco. Dakhla Attitude comes alive as team Cabrinha arrives in full force for the PKRA events and all the good times surrounding them.



Riders: Alby Rondina, Annabel Van Westrop, Keahi de Aboitiz, Liam Whaley, Moona Whyte, and Tobias Hölter.

Film & Edit: Tobias Hölter

Music: Till Death- Black Halo released by Comorbid Records

Sound Direction: Annie Taegert

Additional Footage: Tiger Abde & Alby Rondina

In search of the Sweet Spot


Synonymous worldwide with banking, tax havens and beach holidays, there's more to the tiny, proud Cayman Islands. It's the picture perfect kite destination. James Boulding, Damien LeRoy, Brandon Bowe and Kellen Hall, hook up with The Sweet Spot Cayman kite center and get busy building obstacles and coaching while taking in the magic of the Caribbean.


Tarifa Kite Masters

The Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard 2014 was a great success. Many Tarifa locals participated showing off their skills against some of the top riders of the world. Cabrinha riders Liam Whaley, Annabel van Westerop, and David Tonijuan represented well during the week!  Liam took the win with David getting 2nd place while Annabel made it to 3rd place on the podium. The beaches were full of spectators and the event was super well organized. All together it was a great week in the world famous kitespot.

"The TMK was a super fun event with a really good vibe. Really happy to Win this event because it's the only Kiteboarding event in Tarifa in the whole year. Stoked to win in front of all my friends and family." says Whaley
1st:  Liam Whaley (Cabrinha)
2nd: David Tonijuan (Cabrinha
3rd: Patrick Blanc (Ozone)
Video Of the event:

Whaley climbs the ranks to no. 2 at the PKRA Egypt comp

In an impressive climb from last place in the single elimination Liam Whaley of Spain managed to win 9 heats consecutive heats in a row, scratching his way into the final.  Finishing in 2nd place he says” “Wow what a day! I still cant believe it!  I want to thank everyone that helped me out on the beach today, I wouldn’t have made it that far without you guys!

In the women’s division our girl Annabel Van Westrop also made some impressive moves.  With gusts reaching over 40 knots the conditions were tough. Westrop won three heats in a row over Lange, Amle, and Jungo, loosing to Lammerts which put her in 5th place.

Watch highligt Video


Sosh cup Victory

Rob Douglas claims victory in Leucate France by winning the Sosh cup at the Mondial du Vent and sets a new course record of 46.53 kts on the 500m course.

Mondial du Vent "SOSH CUP"

Leucate, France report from Damien LeRoy

The American team arrived in Leucate, France 4 days day’s early to prepare for the Mondial du Vent speed event, the largest kitesurfing event in France. The team: Rob, Morgan, Jamie Douglas and myself were on a mission to see if a new course record could be set in the waters of La Franqui. The weather forecast was perfect as the Tramontonia wind was about to hit  hard for 4 huge days! 30 to 40 knots with gusts of 45knots. Perfect conditions for speed sailing.  Flat water…. Strong winds….Good wind angle…. and the worlds fastest speed sailors in one location. 

The day before the event kicked off we had winds 30 to 40knots one the course so we got a early jump on the competitors as we got to train on the course. Tuning in our gear, checking line length, fins sizes, foot strap positions making sure our gear was ready for the up coming days.  Raining and cold, the brothers were all looking very fast as they have been training in Martha’s Vineyard over the past few months with temperatures in the 40’s. They felt right at home. I started to feel comfortable maybe to comfortable, as I crashed hard at 40+ knots, cart wheeling across the water snapping my neck like never before.  The worst crash I have ever had in my carrier. Reality Check! Never the less I was fine but was going to start the racing with a sever whiplash in the approximate area of C5 and C6.

 Race days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

 50 minutes into Heat 1 after a slight technical delay, Rob Douglas landed the first shot with a blistering 44.61 kt average and a new speed record for Leaucate. Antoine Albeau 20 time world champion windsurfer answers back in heat 2 with a bullet after Rob made a costly mistake.  I had a good start sailing consistent heats with a 6th and 7th hanging on to my Cabrinha Switchblade 7m.

GPS miles sailed: 65 Nautical Miles

GPS V MAX: 50 Knots

 Day 2:

Rougher water and 35 to 40 knots the American team started to find their groove as Morgan and Jamie made their climb up the leader board and Rob holding strong in the battle for top spot with two 2nd’s. I sailed my throw outs early, as I could not find my groove as I battled to wrap my head around 40knots.

 Day 3:

Last day of the Tramontonia wind, Rob was .9 points out of first behind Antoine.  Morgan, Jamie and myself were holding strong in the top 10.  I started to get more comfortable with the windy conditions and dropped two 3rd’s in on the fleet. Beating Rob and Antoine in the 6th heat.  Antoine and Rob continued to trade bullets and in the end it was Antoine 1.3 points ahead after 7 heats. 

 Thanks to: Cabrinha kites, Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, GoPro, Oakley, Meanline Fins, Dakine, Alex Aguera, Cornerfive, NP, Gorilla Rigging. A big Thanks to Pascal Maka for inviting team USA to the Mondial du Vent “Sosh Cup”.


 Sosh Cup Results:

 Rob Douglas: 1st kite 2nd overall Best speed over 500m: 44.61 knots. (Course record)

Damien LeRoy 3rd kite and 5th overall

Morgan Douglas 6th kite and 11th overall

Jamie Douglas 9th kite and 15th overall 

Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro

Using Velocity kites Camilla Ringvold and Linn Jorstad competed in the 300km long as team URGE.  The Varanger Arctic Kite Endurance challenge is an international long distance competition, where the contestants travel 300 km across the wintery Varanger Peninsula above the Arctic circle.  Taking over 4 days to complete the crew must set up camp at night. 

“We managed to FINISH the race, as one of three women´s team to ever finish this competition - ever! The top three women’s team crossed the finish line together after 300km! 


We used Cabrinha Velocity's.  We were one of the few teams using tube kites - and proved that these kites have some great advantages, and that we can beat most of the guys!" Camilla says. 


Earning some great coverage on both of the national TV stations team Cabrinha is very proud of team Urge, an authorized dealer of Cabrinha kites in Denmark.  



4minutes - primetime on TV2 on Saturday:


From the start on NRK on the news:


    • Cabrinha test Bretagne kite

    • Nous adorons nous ballader de spots en spots et aller à votre rencontre. Nous avons décidé de lancer notre tournée des spots bretons qui est baptisée "Kite Plus On Tour". L'idée est simple nous venons chez vous avec du matériel Cabrinha 2014 à tester. Nos dates pourront être reportée au cas où il n'y ait pas de vent sur la date indiquée.

Another Guinness World Record



Necker Island: Showman and serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is at it again, working with Cabrinha team rider Susi Mai to break yet another Guinness World Record. In 2012, Branson was the oldest person to kitesurf across the English Channel. In 2013, Branson led the largest number of kitesurfers ever to complete a one-mile course. Now true to form in 2014, Branson has broken yet another record. This time, for the most people riding a kite board.


Richard Branson’s New World Record VIA The Kiteboarder Magazine March 27, 2014





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